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Barum Czech Rally Zlín belongs to the most important motorsport events in the Czech Republic, in 2021 the rally will go for its 50th edition. The tradition of this event is closely connected to very high popularity of rallysport in this country and it has been year by year proved by the number of spectators. The importance of this rally was also readable from the media interest - in 2019, 318 journalist teams from 18 countries came to Zlín.

The long-term partner of the event is the Barum Continental company. Connecting the biggest and the most successful tyre producer in the Czech Republic with the most important motorsport event in the country makes very solid relationship and helps to provide good name both the company and the rally. Like in the past, this tyre producer will be the main partner of the rally also during the 50th edition of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín.

This rally, which has the base in Moravian city of Zlín, has been developed during the years up to the top of the motorsport scene in the Czech Republic and every year it's been the pioneer with introducing new features and innovations to the rallysport. Since 1983 the rally has been a part of European Rally Championship and by 2007 it was a part of exclusive serial of Intercontinental Rally Challenge promoted by TV station Eurosport. With this step the quality of the rally rose up.

In 2013 was aplied very important step. The IRC and ERC championships were merged into one. Eurosport remained in the game as the main promoter.

The rally HQ as well as the start and finish ramp are as usually located in the centre of Zlín city. The whole rally action will be launched with scrutineering held in Otrokovice Service Area in the afternoon on Thursday, August 26. Next morning, crews can prove their cars on shakedown track close to the service base and in the evening, the rally will start with very popular Super Special Stage in the streets of Zlín. Upcoming Saturday and Sunday will be fulfilled with competition on 219 kilometres of tarmac stages.

The media centre will be again located in the main building of the Thomas Bata University. The host city of Zlín is lying in the East of the Czech Republic and is surrounded with marvellous woody countryside. It's 300 km far from the Czech capital Prague and 220 km from Austrian metropolis Vienna.

It is really worth coming here and enjoying Barum Czech Rally Zlín!


Thursday 26 August 2021
administrative checks
SSS Zlín reconnaissance

Friday 27 August 2021

free practise / Qualifying stage
5 p.m.: ceremonial start (Zlín, náměstí Míru square)
9 p.m.: Super Special Stage Zlín

Saturday 28 August 2021
Leg 1

Sunday 29 August 2021
Leg 2
5 p.m.: rally finish & prize-giving (Zlín, náměstí Míru square)



List of Entries

Supplementary Regulations

Rally Guide 1


Press releases

PR no. 1 - Barum rally to take place in the traditional date, but in a new shape

PR no. 57 - Vlastimil Neumann celebrates a winning hattrick in the Star Rally Historic

PR no. 56 - Jan Kopecký: I felt sorry for Erik, but that's sport

PR no. 55 - Driver's responses at the finish line

PR no. 54 - Drama at the end: Cais crashed, Kopecký won for the ninth time!

PR no. 53 - Media had significant interest in jubilee Barum rally

PR no. 52 - Responses of selected drivers after 12th special stage

PR no. 51 - Cais increases the lead by twenty seconds after SS12!

PR no. 50 - Flash info after leg 1

PR no. 49 - Pindula decided Saturday's leg, Erik Cais is leading!

PR no. 48 - Leg 1 of Star Rally Historic ruled by Neumann, Janota retired

PR no. 47 - Responses of chosen drivers after 7th special stage

PR no. 46 - Young Erik Cais is getting close to the leader Kopecký

PR no. 45 - Kopecký lost at Pindula, the forefront is nearly aligned!

PR no. 44 - Comments of drivers during the morning regrouping in Otrokovice

PR no. 43 - Morning stages: Kopecký wins again! He has got eight seconds over Mikkelsen, Kostka and Stříteský have resigned

PR no. 42 - Flash info after the super special stage

PR no. 41 - Battle of the Super SS: Kopecký defeated Mikkelsen by 0.2 seconds!

PR no. 40 - Fans are looking forward to Kresta, Enge or Jan Šťovíček

PR no. 39 - Norwegian Mikkelsen will start first, Cais second, Kopecký third

PR no. 38 - Barum rally is a challenge for both drivers and organizers

PR no. 37 - City and region representatives are hoping for safe weekend

PR no. 36 - Fans met rally legends at Golden Apple shopping centre

PR no. 35 - Norwegian Mikkelsen won the qualifying stage ahead of Kopecký and Cais

PR no. 34 - Flash info after the qualifying stage

PR no. 33 - Safety first! Electric cars require intensified caution

PR no. 32 - A total of 136 crews pick up the itinerary, Lukyanuk will not start

PR no. 31 - Timekeeper sisters helped at first Barum rally, turning 90 in September

PR no. 30 - Covid-19 vaccination available at Barum rally, no registration needed

PR no. 29 - Barum rally expects cold and rainy conditions

PR no. 28 - Kresta and Enge at the Barum rally!

PR no. 27 - Railway restrictions during Barum rally

PR no. 26 - Kostka and Jakeš ready to compete at Barum rally

PR no. 22 - COVID-19: Accreditation sites, test sites, and their opening hours

PR no. 21 - Ambassadors Cais and Žáková are getting ready for Barum rally

PR no. 20 - A charity auction makes grand finale

PR no. 19 - Kopecký, Lukyanuk and Mikkelsen are the favourites

PR no. 17 - Police is ready to help citizens during Barum Czech Rally Zlín

PR no. 16 - Popular photo competition announced again!

PR no. 15 - Covid arrangements for spectators and participants

PR no. 14 - Barum rally issued a unique collector's model for the fans

PR no. 13 - Barum rally looks to the future

PR no. 12 - Supplementary Regulations to the anniversary Barum rally now released

PR no. 11 - The city Super Special Stage will again take place during the jubilee Barum rally

PR no. 10 - Barum rally and the city of Zlín are preparing anniversary celebrations

PR no. 9 - Photo competition: the main prize went to the well-known photographer Jan Froněk

PR no. 8 - Voting done, the finale of the creative competition is approaching

PR no. 7 - Erik Cais with Jindřiška Žáková have become the Barum rally ambassadors

PR no. 6 - Star Rally Historic in three days for the first time

PR no. 5 - Painting with the Barum rally at half time

PR no. 4 - The Barum Rally will move Zlín through sport

PR no. 3. - Paint, win and help with Barum Czech Rally Zlín!

PR No. 2 -  Barum rally chief Miloslav Regner: Vaccination is the right way

PR No. 1 - Preparations of the anniversary Barum rally in full swing


XIII. Star Rally Historic, 27-29 August 2021 (photo: rallyservice.cz & David Peška)


TotalEnergies Green Rally, 28-29 August 2021 (foto: rallyservice.cz & David Peška)



Barum Czech Rally Zlín -  Leg 2, 29 August 2021 (photo: rallyservice.cz & David Peška)


Petr Pilát FMX show 28 August 2021, Zlín (photo: David Peška)


Barum rally sporting! 27-28 August 2021, Zlín (photo: David Peška)


Barum Czech Rally Zlín -  Leg 1, 28 August 2021 (photo: rallyservice.cz & David Peška)


SuperSpecial Stage Zlín 27 August 2021, Zlín (foto: rallyservice.cz & David Peška)


Ceremonial start 27 August 2021, Zlín (photo: rallyservice.cz)


IX. Grand Prix Bugatti 27 August 2021, Zlín (photo: rallyservice.cz)


Qualifying stage 27 August 2021, Zlín-Malenovice (photo: rallyservice.cz)


Autograph session Star Rally Historic 26 August 2021, Golden Apple Zlín (photo: David Peška)


Scrutineering 26 August 2021, Continental Barum Otrokovice (photo: David Peška)


Reconnaissance 26 August 2021 (photo: rallyservice.cz)


Autograph session 25 August 2021, Golden Apple Zlín (photo: David Peška)


Presentation of crews 25 August 2021, AK Barum Zlín (photo: David Peška)


Pre-event test 25 August 2021, Velký Ořechov (photo: rallyservice.cz)


Autograph session of ŠKODA crews 24 August 2021, Samohýl Motor Zlín (photo: rallyservice.cz)


Press conference 19 August 2021, Continental Barum s.r.o., Otrokovice (photo: Jan Pořízek)


Press conference 17 August 2021, Autoclub Czech republic, Prague (photo: Josef Petrů)


Press conference 29 June 2021, Zlín townhall (photo: Jan Salač)


Press conference 1 June 2021, 21. Building, Zlín (photo: Jiří Pernica)


Press conference 1 June 2021, 21. Building, Zlín (photo: Josef Petrů)




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