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  • FIA European Rally Championship for Drivers and Co-Drivers
  • FIA European Rally Championship for Teams
  • FIA ERC3 Championship for Drivers and Co-Drivers
  • FIA ERC4 Championship for Drivers and Co-Drivers
  • FIA Junior ERC Championship for Drivers
  • Czech Rally Championship
  • Czech Junior Rally Championship
  • Ladies' Trophy
  • Peugeot Rally Cup
  • 55+ Cup


Barum Czech Rally Zlín belongs to the most important motorsport events in the Czech Republic, in 2022 the rally will go for its 51th edition. The tradition of this event is closely connected to very high popularity of rallysport in this country and it has been year by year proved by the number of spectators. The importance of this rally was also readable from the media interest, 199 journalist teams from 14 countries came to Zlín.

The long-term partner of the event is the Barum Continental company. Connecting the biggest and the most successful tyre producer in the Czech Republic with the most important motorsport event in the country makes very solid relationship and helps to provide good name both the company and the rally. Like in the past, this tyre producer will be the main partner of the rally also during the 52nd edition of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín.

This rally, which is located in Moravian city of Zlín, has been developed during the years up to the top of the motorsport scene in the Czech Republic and every year it's been the pioneer with introducing new features and innovations to the rallysport.

Since 1984, the competition has been part of the European Rally Championship and since 2007 the Barum Rally have a strong promoter, first the world television company Eurosport and now since 2022 WRC Promoter Gmbh, which is the same as for the World Rally Championship.

The rally HQ as well as the start and finish ramp are as usually located in the centre of Zlín city. The whole rally action will be launched with scrutineering held in Otrokovice Service Area on Thursday afternoon, August 17. Next morning, crews can prove their cars on shakedown track close to the service area and in the evening, the rally will start with very popular Super Special Stage in the streets of Zlín. Upcoming Saturday and Sunday will be fulfilled with competition around 200 kilometres of tarmac stages. The media centre will be located in the lobby of AB Continental Barum in Otrokovice, near the service area.

The host city of Zlín is lying in the East of the Czech Republic and is surrounded with marvellous woody countryside. It's 300 km far from the Czech capital Prague and 220 km from Austrian metropolis Vienna.


It is really worth coming here and enjoying Barum Czech Rally Zlín!

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