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Press releases

PR no. 12 - Supplementary Regulations to the anniversary Barum rally now released

PR no. 11 - The city Super Special Stage will again take place during the jubilee Barum rally

PR no. 10 - Barum rally and the city of Zlín are preparing anniversary celebrations

PR no. 9 - Photo competition: the main prize went to the well-known photographer Jan Froněk

PR no. 8 - Voting done, the finale of the creative competition is approaching

PR no. 7 - Erik Cais with Jindřiška Žáková have become the Barum rally ambassadors

PR no. 6 - Star Rally Historic in three days for the first time

PR no. 5 - Painting with the Barum rally at half time

PR no. 4 - The Barum Rally will move Zlín through sport

PR no. 3. - Paint, win and help with Barum Czech Rally Zlín!

PR No. 2 -  Barum rally chief Miloslav Regner: Vaccination is the right way

PR No. 1 - Preparations of the anniversary Barum rally in full swing