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Press releases

PR no. 43 - Barum Rally continues in ERC, new contract with promoter signed!

PR no. 42 - Flash news after the finish

PR no. 41 - Kopecký continues to rule, winning the Barum Rally for the eleventh time

PR no. 40 - Great competition in the ERC series has attracted a lot of media

PR no. 39 - Flash news after SS10

PR no. 38 - Kopecký keeps leading, for Padden the competition is over

PR no. 37 - Flash news after SS7

PR no. 36 - Cais affected by defect, Kopecký in the lead after first leg

PR no. 35 - Flash news after SS4

PR no. 34 - Cais affected by defect, Kopecký in the lead after first leg

PR no. 33 - Backstage assistant: German officer Gastorfer to attend twentieth consecutive Barum Rally

PR no. 32.- The opening was performed the best by Simon Wagner from Austria

PR no. 31 - Chase for winner. Champion Kopecký to face European elite and young guns

PR no. 30 - Cais is starting first, Csomós from Hungary chose the second position

PR no. 29 - Flash info after the qualifying stage Maják

PR no. 28 - Mareš won the qualifying stage, closely defeated Cais and Wagner

PR no. 27 - 105 crews passed scrutineering, Mabellini and Heikkilä do not start

PR no. 26 - Czech Television offering live broadcasts from Barum rally

PR no. 25 - Autograph session attracted more than a thousand rally fans

PR no. 22 - New rules for safety vehicles and spectators moving on the track

PR no. 21 - The Barum rally sports project will offer a third part

PR no. 20 - Ejoin Green rally back in the spotlight

PR no. 19 - Police is ready to help citizens during Barum Czech Rally Zlín

PR no. 18 - Autograph session, car exhibition and rich program! The Golden Apple comes alive with Barum rally

PR no. 17 - Statistics according to the list of registered crews

PR no. 15 - European championship elite is coming to Zlín

PR no. 14 - Popular photo competition announced again!

PR no. 13 - Star Rally Historic: Proven line-up, but also show and news

PR no. 12 - Zlín Region again a key partner of Barum rally

PR no. 11 - The victory in the photo contest goes abroad again

PR no. 10 - Adam Březík fights for top positions at Barum rally

PR no. 09 - European Barum rally ready to start in August

PR no. 08 - Star Rally Historic writes its fifteenth storyline

PR no. 07 - We are looking forward to Barum rally, says Stříteský. Will he improve his fifth place from the last year?

PR no. 06 - A comeback to the sections after almost thirty years!

PR no. 05 - At the end of the holiday season, Barum rally will be held a week earlier!

PR no. 04 - Barum rally opens the curtain in Malenovice

PR no. 03 - Barum rally organizers released RALLY GUIDE 1

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