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Press releases


PR No. 3 - Miloslav Regner: Preparations of the anniversary Barum Czech Rally Zlín still going on

PR No. 1 - Barum Czech Rally Zlín celebrates the 50th anniversary in 2020


PR No. 55 - Flash info after the end of the Barum Rally

PR No. 54 - Kopecký at the top: Barum Rally went great for us

PR No. 53 - Barum Rally attracts media representatives from all over the world

PR No. 52 - Kopecký king of Barum Rally for eighth time!

PR No. 51 - Flash info in regrouping after special stage 12

PR No. 50 - Kopecký increases lead in Leg 2

PR No. 49 - Flash info after Leg 1

PR No. 48 - Neumann won again Star Rally Historic

PR No. 47 - Kopecký won Leg 1

PR No. 46 - Kopecký back in lead ahead of Lukyanuk

PR No. 45 - Flash info after SS 5, before Service park

PR No. 44 - Neumann on Ford Escort dominates Star Rally

PR No. 43 - Lukyanuk moved ahead, puncture slowed down Gryazin

PR No. 42 - Flash info after SS 3

PR No. 41 - Gryazin leads, Kopecký third

PR No. 40 - Czech Radio Radiožurnál broadcasts live from the Barum Rally

PR No. 39 - Flash info after Super SS

PR No. 38 - Kopecký on the right way to win Barum Rally again

PR No. 37 - Riders chose road order for Leg 1

PR No. 36 - Kopecký has a new car, Lukyanuk wants points and victory

PR No. 35 - The Governor is delighted by cooperation between Zlín region and Barum Rally

PR No. 34 - No rain on Barum Rally's parade

PR No. 33 - Drivers` thoughts after the Qualifying Stage

PR No. 32 - Jan Kopecký won the Qualifying Stage

PR No. 31 - GRAND PRIX going to its second half in Zlín

PR No. 30 - 127 crews picked up road books

PR No. 29 - Railway restrictions during Super Special Stage

PR No. 28 - Star Rally Historic again as a Czech championship round

PR No. 27 - Program for spectators from Tuesday to Thursday: Barum Czech Rally Zlín is getting started!

PR No. 26 - How to use public transport during Barum Rally

PR No. 25 - Relationship between Barum Rally and Otrokovice pleases both the general partner and the city

PR No. 24 - Statistics by the List of Entries

PR No. 23 - Tomáš Pospíšilík going for the top ten

PR No. 22 - Pharmaceutical company Noventis is a new partner of Barum Rally

PR No. 21 - Top prize coming back to the Czech Republic

PR No. 20 - Kopecký and Lukyanuk are top favorites

PR No. 18 - Ejoin Green Rally gets more attractive

PR No. 17 - Photo competition announced for Barum rally

PR No. 16 - Bugatti cars roaring through Zlín

PR No. 15 - Prosperous ZUBR Brewery continues to support the Barum Rally

PR No. 14 - Vlastimil Neumann ready to defend his victory

PR No. 13 - Barum Rally is almost ready

PR No. 12 - Tomáš Kostka confirmed the start at this year's Barum Rally

PR No. 11 - Star Rally Historic and its 12th edition

PR No. 9 - Miroslav Jakeš’s Fabia is the face of the Barum Rally

PR No. 8 - Supplementary Regulations for the 49th Barum Rally were released

PR No. 7 - Legendary Pindula returns to Barum Rally

PR No. 5 - Barum rally again succeeded in the Golden Wheel poll

PR No. 4 - Vote for the Barum Czech Rally Zlín in the Golden Wheel poll!

PR No. 3 - Fair Play Award for helping the rivals

PR No. 1 - Barum rally in 2019 again with the ERC but in new date