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Press releases

PR no. 48 - Vančík and Tománek ruled Star Rally Historic 2022

PR no. 47 - Flash info from nearly thirty leading drivers from the finish of Barum rally

PR no. 46 - Jan Kopecký has won tenth Barum rally, Mareš is second, Wagner third

PR no. 45 - Only six cars completed the race in heavy rain at Bunč, Kopecký triumphed

PR no. 44 - What did the competing crews say before the start of the Powerstage?

PR no. 43 - Change of promoter did not stop media interest

PR no. 42 - Flash info of the leading drivers after Sunday morning's passes

PR no. 41 - Kopecký increases his lead, Cais drops below the podium

PR no. 40 - Flash info from the leading drivers of Star Rally Historic after 1st leg

PR no. 39 - Kopecký enters Sunday with a lead, European champion Llarena is out

PR no. 38 - Rally Historics featuring the duel of Neumann versus Vančík

PR no. 37 - Cardiac surgeon Pirk enjoyed the buggy race again

PR no. 36 - Flash info from the leading drivers after the first leg

PR no. 35 - Pech with the old WRC beats the European competition

PR no. 34 - Dry Březová resulted in a huge time improvement, Kopecký leads

PR no. 33 - Flash info after special stage 4

PR no. 32 - Držková sharply reduced the standings, European champion Llarena is out of the game!

PR no. 31 - Flash info after the Super special stage

PR no. 30 - Jan Kopecký won the night show in the streets of Zlín

PR no. 29 - Kopecký is starting first, Wagner second, Filip Mareš third

PR no. 28 - Who is going to win the Barum rally this year? Favourites are Kopecký, Cais and Llarena!

PR no. 27 - Representatives of both the Region and the main partner wish the fans a great experience

PR no. 26 - Flash info after the qualifying stage

PR no. 25 - Kopecký won the qualifying SS, Wagner from Austria finished a close second

PR no. 24 - Barum Czech Rally Zlín expects both tropics and rain

PR no. 23 - 105 crews accepted the itinerary, Tempestini and Semerád will not start

PR no. 22 - Barum rally is just around the corner, starting on Friday!

PR no. 20 - First place goes to Poland again after several years

PR no. 19 - First place goes to Poland again after several years

PR no. 18 - Rail traffic restrictions during Barum Czech Rally Zlín

PR no. 17 - Statistics according to the list of registered crews

PR no. 16 - Bugatti's tenth anniversary is coming

PR no. 15 - Kopecký, Llarena, Cais, Tempestini and others to take part in Barum Rally

PR no. 14 - Police is ready to help citizens during Barum Czech Rally Zlín

PR no. 13 - Popular photo competition announced again!

PR no. 12 - Green Rally is heading not only for the beauties of Moravian Wallachia

PR no. 11 - Barum rally sports: Promoting a healthy approach to life

PR no. 10 - Star Rally Historic will be held three days again

PR no. 9 - The prelude to the Barum rally will take place in Žlutava

PR no. 8 - Barum Czech Rally Zlín helps to boost country's economy

PR no. 7 - Barum rally uncovers special stages composition

PR no. 6 - Barum rally announces a change in the director's position

PR no. 5 - New Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 with Barum rally theme

PR no. 4 - The promoter will offer hours of live broadcasts from Barum rally!

PR no. 1 - Barum rally to take place in the traditional date, but in a new shape

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