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Press releases

PR no. 57 - Vlastimil Neumann celebrates a winning hattrick in the Star Rally Historic

PR no. 56 - Jan Kopecký: I felt sorry for Erik, but that's sport

PR no. 55 - Driver's responses at the finish line

PR no. 54 - Drama at the end: Cais crashed, Kopecký won for the ninth time!

PR no. 53 - Media had significant interest in jubilee Barum rally

PR no. 52 - Responses of selected drivers after 12th special stage

PR no. 51 - Cais increases the lead by twenty seconds after SS12!

PR no. 50 - Flash info after leg 1

PR no. 49 - Pindula decided Saturday's leg, Erik Cais is leading!

PR no. 48 - Leg 1 of Star Rally Historic ruled by Neumann, Janota retired

PR no. 47 - Responses of chosen drivers after 7th special stage

PR no. 46 - Young Erik Cais is getting close to the leader Kopecký

PR no. 45 - Kopecký lost at Pindula, the forefront is nearly aligned!

PR no. 44 - Comments of drivers during the morning regrouping in Otrokovice

PR no. 43 - Morning stages: Kopecký wins again! He has got eight seconds over Mikkelsen, Kostka and Stříteský have resigned

PR no. 42 - Flash info after the super special stage

PR no. 41 - Battle of the Super SS: Kopecký defeated Mikkelsen by 0.2 seconds!

PR no. 40 - Fans are looking forward to Kresta, Enge or Jan Šťovíček

PR no. 39 - Norwegian Mikkelsen will start first, Cais second, Kopecký third

PR no. 38 - Barum rally is a challenge for both drivers and organizers

PR no. 37 - City and region representatives are hoping for safe weekend

PR no. 36 - Fans met rally legends at Golden Apple shopping centre

PR no. 35 - Norwegian Mikkelsen won the qualifying stage ahead of Kopecký and Cais

PR no. 34 - Flash info after the qualifying stage

PR no. 33 - Safety first! Electric cars require intensified caution

PR no. 32 - A total of 136 crews pick up the itinerary, Lukyanuk will not start

PR no. 31 - Timekeeper sisters helped at first Barum rally, turning 90 in September

PR no. 30 - Covid-19 vaccination available at Barum rally, no registration needed

PR no. 29 - Barum rally expects cold and rainy conditions

PR no. 28 - Kresta and Enge at the Barum rally!

PR no. 27 - Railway restrictions during Barum rally

PR no. 26 - Kostka and Jakeš ready to compete at Barum rally

PR no. 22 - COVID-19: Accreditation sites, test sites, and their opening hours

PR no. 21 - Ambassadors Cais and Žáková are getting ready for Barum rally

PR no. 20 - A charity auction makes grand finale

PR no. 19 - Kopecký, Lukyanuk and Mikkelsen are the favourites

PR no. 17 - Police is ready to help citizens during Barum Czech Rally Zlín

PR no. 16 - Popular photo competition announced again!

PR no. 15 - Covid arrangements for spectators and participants

PR no. 14 - Barum rally issued a unique collector's model for the fans

PR no. 13 - Barum rally looks to the future

PR no. 12 - Supplementary Regulations to the anniversary Barum rally now released

PR no. 11 - The city Super Special Stage will again take place during the jubilee Barum rally

PR no. 10 - Barum rally and the city of Zlín are preparing anniversary celebrations

PR no. 9 - Photo competition: the main prize went to the well-known photographer Jan Froněk

PR no. 8 - Voting done, the finale of the creative competition is approaching

PR no. 7 - Erik Cais with Jindřiška Žáková have become the Barum rally ambassadors

PR no. 6 - Star Rally Historic in three days for the first time

PR no. 5 - Painting with the Barum rally at half time

PR no. 4 - The Barum Rally will move Zlín through sport

PR no. 3. - Paint, win and help with Barum Czech Rally Zlín!

PR No. 2 -  Barum rally chief Miloslav Regner: Vaccination is the right way

PR No. 1 - Preparations of the anniversary Barum rally in full swing