Barum Czech Rally Zlín is one of the biggest motorsport events in the Czech Republic, it's every year attended by thousands of spectators. But due to joining the prestigious FIA European Rally Championship (ERC) it's not easy to secure an appropriate budget for its running. That's one of the reasons why the rally organizers have sold the tickets. Thanks to this income, spectators have become major partners of the whole rally.

Like at many other international rallies, entry to the stages of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín and other places will be charged by the organizers during the event. This income is an important part of the rally budget. The badges and tickets allow its holders to enter scrutineering, particular special stages, service park placed in the Continental Barum area in Otrokovice and during Friday 18 August also the qualifying stage and shakedown run between villages Malenovice. The entrance fee will not be charged at the ceremonial start and finish at Náměstí Míru square in Zlín as well as at the Super Special Stage in the streets of Zlín (the fee will be charged only in the VIP zones).


The entrance tickets will be required for entering scrutineering, qualifying stage, shakedown, special stages and the service area situated like in previous year in Continental Barum s.r.o. in Otrokovice during the whole rally. In this area there will be newly held also the pre-rally scrutineering scheduled on Thursday 17 August.

There are prepared two kinds of tickets. One time ticket for single entrance costs 250 CZK and is for the access to the SS or service zone. There will be distributed information leaflets about spectator places and parking possibilities with these tickets. They will be available in access points to the SS and are designed for those who want to see two or three SS. It is also possible to buy badges "free entrance" for 700 CZK which will allow its holders to access the following spectator areas during the rally:

Thursday 17 August: Scrutineering (Otrokovice, Continental Barum s.r.o. area)
Friday 18 August: Qualifying stage & Shakedown Maják (Zlín-Malenovice)
Saturday 19 August: SS 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, service area in Otrokovice
Sunday 20 August: SS 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, service area in Otrokovice

It is much easier to buy the badge for 700 CZK not only because of saving your money, but also fastening the passage to the SS – you will have not to wait for the payment. The badges will be ready for sale in selected fuel pumps around the rally route after 9 August.

- Children up to 10 years accompanied by parents, disabled people

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