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Rallies are very specific. Unlike the most of other motorsport disciplines, rallies are mostly run on common roads, in open landscape and often go through cities and villages. Because of this rallies can influence lives of many people who are not related to the motorsport in any way. But at the same time, their tolerance towards such events, its organizers and participants is essential. Therefore in the rally organization it's important to be forthcoming to the people living along the competition route so the rally will affect them as less as possible.

The Barum Czech Rally Zlín organizers are proud and happy that in region, where this event takes places for almost five decades, live people who respect their effort and activities. This enables arranging so extensive event like the Barum Czech Rally Zlín. Only thanks to this fact the route can go through many cities, townships and villages, without whose support, cooperation and liking the organizing of the rally wouldn't be possible. So thanks for the tolerance and support not only during previous years, but also now in time of preparing and running the actual 46th edition of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín.

Thank you!
the BCRZ organization committee



Vsetín Kroměříž Uh. Hradiště Otrokovice Vizovice Bystřice p. H. Luhačovice



Komárov Pohořelice Oldřichovice Slušovice Březová Hvozdná Lhota Lukov



Vlčková Držková Rajnochovice Hošťálková Zádveřice Lípa Želechovice Březnice



Sušice Kudlovice Traplice Košíky Jankovice Kostelany Biskupice Pozlovice



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