What did the competing crews say before the start of the Powerstage?

28. 8. 2022 - Vojtěch GARGULÁK, David ŠTÍCHA

Shortly before the start of the final stage called Pindula, which is run as a bonus Powerstage within the European Championship, we got the impressions of the leading crews of Barum Czech Rally Zlín in the regrouping control in Zlín.

Tom Kristensson (SWE, Hyundai i20 R5, starting number 10):
"The Bunč stage was difficult and also cancelled due to an accident. I had to adapt a lot because this stage doesn't suit me very well. We are moving on with the competition without any risk. And we are preparing for the Powerstage in the same way."

Adam Březík (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5, starting number 14):
"We don't want to score any more points, so we will just go through Pindula to reach the finish. The previous two stages were a real hell, we struggled a lot there. I'm glad we're here at all."

Javier Pardo (ESP, Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, entry number 3):
"The last two stages were extremely difficult. It's hard for everybody, the conditions are changing, it was raining heavily again so it's incredibly slippery. We couldn't see the road at all because the wipers didn't keep wiping the water off the windscreen. I'm happy for our result, now I just have to finish, I'm not going to rush at Pindula, I'd like to finish safely."

Raphaël Astier (FRA, Alpine A110 RGT, start number 20):
"Everything is fine for now, it's just that the difficulty of the stages is unbelievable. The conditions are difficult and I can't imagine going at faster pace on these stages in these conditions. I would like to finish safely."

Martin László (HUN, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, entry number 17):
"It's nothing easy. In the last two stages I had the feeling that we were driving more on ice than on asphalt. I had no grip and I couldn't even accelerate. We'll definitely try to push a bit more at Pindula, but the conditions are not good and I don't want to make any unnecessary mistakes."

Albert von Thurn und Taxis (DEU, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, grid number 15):
"It wasn't very good, I'm not pushing at all, I'm really just driving to finish the race. The conditions are crazy. I like Pindulla, but we'll see how we do."

Simone Campedelli (ITA, Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 7):
"The first two stages were difficult. We stopped at Bunč to check that Simone and Alberto were OK, and fortunately they are. They are both safe. Before Maják we had to wait for some time because of delays then it started to rain heavily. We're fine. I have to concentrate to pass Pindula safely and finish the race."
Norbert Herczig (HUN, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 9):
"We completed only the Maják, but I was not confident at all because of the difficult conditions. I was too cautious in some places and that slowed us down. Luckily I kept my position and we are almost at the finish. We'll probably drive just to keep our position."

Simon Wagner (AUT, Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 11):
"Unfortunately we couldn't set any time on the Bunč stage, which was cancelled due to an accident. We had the right tyres, but what can we do. We skipped Erik and Dominik on Maják, so we are third and only a few seconds behind Filip. I'd like to take Pindula Powerstage as fast as possible."

Filip Mareš (CZE, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, entry number 12):
"The Bunč was cancelled due to an accident. Then there was Maják, which was again in unstable conditions, lots of water. It was still dry at the start, but it started to rain and by the time we started it was very wet. We enjoyed it as we did the whole race. When we have the opportunity to fight to keep second place. We are going fast, everyone is going fast and we have to do our best."

Dominik Stříteský (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5, starting number 46):
"We got enough time from Simon. I think nothing is decided yet. According to our information, it is dry, so hopefully it will stay that way and we will be able to fight."

Erik Cais (CZE, Ford Fiesta R5 MkII, starting number 6):
"Unfortunately, the Bunč was cancelled and it started to rain a lot again at Maják. With each car there was more and more water on the road and the times were slowing down. We unfortunately lost our podium position because Simon started a little bit before me, but that's rallying. I have to prepare for the last stage and take Pindulla to its finish."

Jan Kopecký (CZE, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 4):
"In our position we are not even sorry that Bunč was cancelled, it is a slippery surface even in dry conditions, in the rain it is even more difficult. I'm sorry Alberto broke it, but they're fine. The conditions are extremely difficult, we have to get the car to the first position, that's the plan for Pindula."

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