Barum rally sporting!

The goal of the Barumka sports project is to stir up Zlín and support the idea of ​​"Zlín, the city of sports" by bringing together all sports in one place.

In 2022, this event took place for the second time and met with a very positive response.

The event will be aimed at the general public through local sports clubs, not only at children and youth, but also at adults. We will create conditions for local sports clubs for their own presentation, which should also help to recruit new sports members and support a healthy lifestyle, which is now more than needed in the framework of increasing immunity against diseases.
The event will take place on Saturday 19.8. 2023 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the Barum Czech Rally Zlín, which will make use of a large part of rally visitors and maximize engagement and reach. Barumka Sports will be located in Komenského Park and Náměstí Míru in Zlín. Each sport will also have the opportunity to present itself on the main stage, or at the autograph session of important athletes.

For the entire event, all communication channels of Barum Czech Rally Rally Zlín will be fully utilized, thereby achieving higher awareness.

Barumka Sports 2022



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