Star Rally Historic

Star Rally Historic 2022 knows its winners. The battle for first place was lost by the winner of the last three seasons, Vlastimil Neumann in a Ford Escort RS Cosworth, as the crew of Jaroslav Vančík and Jan Tománek in a BMW M3 was 32.8 seconds faster.

31. 8. 2022 - Jakub Kudláč, Vlastimil Motýl

Star Rally Historic

The first leg of the 14th Star Rally Historic 2022 brought difficult conditions which the competing crews had to deal with. Vlastimil Neumann, this season's champion of the Czech Historic Car Championship, found a long-awaited rival in the beautiful BMW...

28. 8. 2022 - Evžen Gargulák, Sarah Sabaková

Star Rally Historic

A traditional part of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín is also the Star Rally Historic, an event of the Czech Rally Championship of Historic Cars. This increasingly popular rally has become a proper event of the Czech Historic Rally Championship. The event...

28. 8. 2022 - Vlastimil Motýl, Jakub Kudláč

Star Rally Historic

Foto: Dalibor Benych

The organizers of Star Rally Historic have released the list of registered crews for the 14th Star Rally.

The files are available for download on the documents page.

14. 8. 2022

Star Rally Historic

For the 14th time, STAR RALLY HISTORIC (26th - 28th August 2022) will become an integral part of the Barum rally. This popular rally, which has evolved into a proper event and a solid pillar of the Czech Historics Championship, will once again be running...

1. 8. 2022 - Roman ORDELT

Star Rally Historic

A little over a month remains until the start of the 51st edition of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín international car competition, which will take place in the vicinity of Zlín on August 26-28, 2022. These days, the basic rally document was approved in...

21. 7. 2022

Star Rally Historic

During the 50th anniversary of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín, the Star Rally Historic purposed for historic cars for the first time was expanded with Sunday leg and the overall mileage of the special stages was extended as well. The total length of the...

30. 8. 2021 - Jakub Hofbauer

Star Rally Historic

Picturesque Slovácko. Fertile Moravian Tuscany with fields and meadows, vineyards and alluvial forests in the south, the deep and dense White Carpathian woods in the north, or the sandstone formations of Chřiby. The Morava River meanders through the...

29. 8. 2021 - Promo

Star Rally Historic, the traditional part of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín, welcomed the Czech historic rally championship this year again. But for the first time, the competition is running up to Sunday and compared to previous years, crews will have count...

28. 8. 2021 - Jakub Hofbauer

Star Rally Historic

The jubilee 50th Barum Czech Rally Zlín will take place from 27 to 29 August 2021 in Zlín and its surroundings with public, but also with certain restricitions according to current hygienc and anti-epidemic measures issued by the Czech Ministry of Health...

21. 8. 2021 - Roman Ordelt

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