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Like in previous years, also in 2018 the famous Barum Czech Rally Zlin will host an additional race of historical rally cars called Star Rally Historic. The eleventh edition will be again run as an event of the Czech national championship of historic cars!

During first five years the Star Rally Historic was classified only as a demonstration drive of historic vehicles. This format will be kept also in 2018 edition, but the main impact will be put on the championship competition of the rally.

As every year competitors can look forward to great spectators' atmosphere along the whole rally route and especially the unique Super Special Stage in the streets of Zlín with almost 40.000 people watching! During the rally crews do tarmac special stages used also by ERC Barum Czech Rally Zlín.

The main - measured - field can be entered only with historic cars equipped with FIA homologation list and FIA or ASN historic passport. Cars have to be in accordance with App. J and K of National sporting regulations. Cars will be divided into classes usually running in the championship.

Second part of the rally will consist of the well known demonstration drive, which can be entered with original historic cars or their replicas. These vehicles shall represent its sporting era and history of rallysport. Cars can be made up to year 1996, but vehicles built after 1990 have to by only the original ones.

The rally organizers again prepared interesting program. XII Star Rally Historic will follow the schemes from the previous years - the competition part will kick off on Friday 27 August in the streets of Zlín on the super special stage with unique spectators' atmosphere. On Saturday 17 August the main action will take place on the special stages around Zlín. The start as well as the finish of the rally will be placed in Zlín.


Thursday 23 August 2018

Friday 24 August 2018
reconnaissance at SSS Zlín
administrative checks
ceremonial start (Zlín, Náměstí Míru square - in front of townhall)
spectators' SSS Zlín

Saturday 25 August 2018
start of section 2
rally finish
prize-giving & after party



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