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Green Rally

Motorsport and inovative technologies have been going hand in hand right from the very first moment when the engine-powered wheels started to spin. During this quite short era the cars changed dramatically - nowadays they are modern, solid and fast. Among many innovation trends in these days the main one is exploring alternative power sources which could in the future supply the basic stone of the automobile architecture - a combustion engines. And because the Barum Czech Rally Zlín is the prime motorsport event in the Czech Republic and wants to promote the new directions, its organizers are coming with the premiere edition of the Green Rally - an event focused on electric-powered and hybrid cars.

It's not a ususal rally, more likely it's going to combine a regularity drive, when entered crews will pass through some of classical Barum rally special stages, they will also do some special tasks and will also visit horse racing stables Valencio Holčák, which includes pleasant gastronomy.

The Green Rally kicks off on Saturday 19 August 2023 in Zlín and it will finish on Sunday 20 August in the afternoon, just before the main field of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín meets the finish ramp.



For many years, it was a common practice on rally that before the start, a line of organisational and safety vehicles were passing through the rally stages, closed off by a trio of forerunners marked 000, 00 and 0. These last three cars generally entered...

15. 8. 2023 - Jakub Hofbauer

The Ejoin Green Rally already has a firm place in the accompanying events of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín, writing its sixth act this year (19-20 August 2023). It is still true to its original mission, which is to explore alternative powertrains of cars...

14. 8. 2023 - Martin Bill

On Friday 26 August 2022, there will be a partial traffic restriction in Zlín due to the Super Special Stage during this year's Barum Czech Rally Zlín. This special stage will also limit the rail traffic.

22. 8. 2022 - Roman ORDELT

This year, the fifth edition of the Green Rally (27-28 August 2022) will take place as part of the Barum rally's side events. Current innovative trends in motoring include in particular the exploration of alternative engines, which could in the future...

11. 8. 2022 - Roman ORDELT

The jubilee 50th Barum Czech Rally Zlín will take place from 27 to 29 August 2021 in Zlín and its surroundings with public, but also with certain restricitions according to current hygienc and anti-epidemic measures issued by the Czech Ministry of Health...

13. 8. 2021 - Roman Ordelt

The organizers of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín have prepared a pleasant surprise for all fans in the jubilee 50th year. On the occasion of the anniversary of this prestigious European competition, they have released a unique collector's model that will...

2. 8. 2021 - Roman Ordelt

The organizers of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín are the bearers of a number of novelties in motor sport every year. It will be no different at this year's 50th anniversary, which will also be held with spectators at the end of the holidays (August 27-29,...

30. 7. 2021 - Roman Ordelt

Organizers of Ejoin Green Rally have released the Start List for Day 1. The document can be downloaded from the Documents' page.

17. 8. 2019

Organizers of Ejoin Green Rally for electric and hybrid cars have released the List of Entries for the race. The document can be downloaded from the Documents' page.

14. 8. 2019

One of the most topical issues in motorsport nowadays is the prospect of using other engine designs to replace the combustion engine. Barum Czech Rally Zlín is keeping up with such trends, so the organizers from Autoclub Barum Zlín (AČR) decided to...

2. 8. 2019 - Roman Ordelt

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