Explore the blending of culture and sports in Eastern Moravia

29. 8. 2021 - Promo

Picturesque Slovácko. Fertile Moravian Tuscany with fields and meadows, vineyards and alluvial forests in the south, the deep and dense White Carpathian woods in the north, or the sandstone formations of Chřiby. The Morava River meanders through the region, followed closely by the Baťa Canal, a saved and restored first-category technical monument which was one of the main reasons why Slovácko won the title of European Destination of Excellence in the category of Tourism and Regeneration of Physical Sites

Right on the Baťa Canal, you can admire the Výklopník Technical Monument in Sudoměřice or thirteen lock chambers. But the Baťa Canal mostly offers leisure cruises. You can use one of the cruise ships, motor boats, houseboats, kayaks, canoes, or your own boat. The Eurovelo 4 cycling trail leads along the canal and there are many options for accommodation and food, and also wine. Wine trails through the Slovácko region you can sample Moravian Muscat and Pinot gris. Not a great cyclist? No need to worry! You can go for the Strážnická route, which is quite flat and runs through the magnificent White Carpathians. Along the way make sure you taste some Riesling or Silvaner which has an aroma of lime leaves. Nor should you miss the town of Strážnice with its wonderful open-air museum of folk architecture.

There are plenty of places to visit along the canal in Slovácko. There is Kroměříž with the Flower and Château Gardens and the Archbishop's Palace, UNESCO sites. Napajedla has a museum with a permanent interactive exposition of toys. Spytihněv with an exposition on the Baťa Canal. Staré Město with remarkable archaeological findings and the recently finished Church of the Holy Ghost. Uherské Hradiště with an interesting town loop trail and the Gallery of Joža Úprka, a painter of Slavic traditions. Near the canal, there is the famous pilgrimage site in Velehrad with the monastery and theBasilica of the Assumption of Virgin Mary and an exposition called Martyrion. In Modrá, there is Archeoskanzen with examples of life in a Slavic settlement during the era of Great Moravia, as well as the Living Water Area with the largest European freshwater tunnel in nature. Buchlovice invites you to visit the Baroque château as well as the majestic medieval Buchlov Castle.

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