Flash info after leg 1

29. 8. 2021 - Evžen GARGULÁK, Petr KOMÁREK, Stanislav PETŘÍK

After finishing Saturday leg of 50th Barum Czech Rally Zlín we've asked racing drivers to tell us something about their results. Most of them said that especially special stage Pindula in wet conditions and in the dark was very difficult.

Andreas Mikkelsen (NOR, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 2):
„It was a difficult day. I think we should be happy with our performance. These road are very risky and tricky. We lost some time on the last stage but overall we are in a good position"

Erik Cais (CZE, Ford Fiesta R5 MkII, starting number 8):
„I hope that with our hard work we showed potential whatever the result is. Before the rally I would never believe that we will be on first place. I was expecting probably seventh place. This is my third barum rally of my life, I'm just twenty two and I'm leading the race when just five years ago I was standing here only as a spectator. This is unbelievable for me."

Jan Kopecký (CZE, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 6):
„Every special stage was different today. We were on wet roads, dry roads, on mud as well. It's really tough first day. I need to sleep well and don't give up. Erik went well but tomorrow is our chance."

Miko Marczyk (POL, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 4):
„It was very challenging and demanding day. I'm happy with our pace during the day because most of the stages are completely new for me and I'm, in average, loosing only half a second per kilometre on Jan Kopecký who is champion on this rally. We lost fifth position but still I'm very happy with our result."

Filip Mareš (CZE, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 10):
„I'm very happy, our current position is good even with penalisation from yesterday. I hope that tomorrow we can get to higher position."

Simon Wagner (AUT, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 18):
„This is my fifth barum rally but it has never been so difficult. Organisers prepared so challenging and amazing stages for fiftieth anniversary. As well as it is difficult it is enjoyable. I have to thank to all organisers to make such a great rally."

Yoann Bonato (FRA, Citroën C3 Rally2, starting number 9):
„It is very difficult rally especially the last stage Pindula in the night. We had a puncture in the stage before so the time is not so good."

Miroslav Jakeš (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5, starting number 16):
„We are here and that is the most important thing of today. Pindula in these conditions in night it's extremely difficult. But I repeat we are here and that is important."

Norbert Herczig (HUN, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 5):
„It was very difficult day for us. I'm happy that we finished the first day of barum rally for the first time. Especially the last stage Pindula is crazy. Our pace was OK, we managed to improve during the day and I'm happy to be here."

Callum Devine (IRL, Ford Fiesta R5 MkII, starting number 15):
„I feel relieved that we finished the day. Some of these stages were crazy at times, the last one is the most difficult. I'm happy we finished Saturday and let's see what tomorrow will bring."

Petr Semerád (CZE, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 20):
„Everything went well but a couple of stages had to be cancelled. Pindula is demanding stage and even now I've got goosebumps when I remember it. Overall I'm happy, great day and we are satisfied not to make any mistakes."

Efrén Llarena (ESP, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 3):
„It was difficult for us. We don't have pace and the result isn't great but there is whole Sunday in front of us."

Luis Vilariño (ESP, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 29):
„This rally is very difficult with everything it has to offer. For me it's the first time here and I will be very happy to just finish."

Martin Kočí (SVK, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 17):
„I'm happy that we finished this day. We are trying to enjoy it and get to the finish line tomorrow."

Martin Vlček (CZE, Hyundai i20 N Rally2, starting number 21):
„Difficult, very difficult as usually on Barum rally. A lot of mud, wet roads it definitely wasn't easy and I'm happy to be in the finish."

Ken Torn (EST, Ford Fiesta Rally3, starting number 31):
„I think it is perfect for us. We are in the finish of first day and our car is here with us without any issue."

Alberto Battistolli (ITA, Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo, starting number 22):
„It was very difficult for me. It's the fifth time here for me but we are not here to compete with time. For us it is learning process and a very long and difficult one."

Ondřej Bisaha (CZE, Hyundai i20 R5, starting number 23):
„I'm not happy. I'm very nervous and I don't feel great behind the wheel. On our last rally we crashed. Furthermore I have a new codrived and a lot of other changes."

Tomáš Kurka (CZE, Ford Fiesta R5 MkII, starting number 28):
„No luck for me today a lot of ups and downs. We lost a lot of time on Pindula but we are looking forward to tomorrow."

Tibor Érdi junior (HUN, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, starting number 39):
„It wasn't easy. It is very tricky but we finished without any problem."

Martin Rada (CZE, Fiat 124 Abarth RGT, starting number 41):
„It was very tough today, these stages are very difficult. The whole day was but it's the same for everyone. The most difficult is Pindula becuase it rained and our car is only rear wheel driven."

Josep Bassas (ESP, Peugeot 208 Rally4, starting number 44):
„It's crazy, very crazy race. It's difficult for us, worse than usual."

Jean-Baptiste Franceschi (FRA, Renault Clio Rally4, starting number 46):
„It was very tough. In the morning we got a penalty so tomorrow we are starting from worse position."

Norbert Maior (ROU, Peugeot 208 Rally4, starting number 49):
„I believe this is the most difficult rally that I've ever driven. I'm glad to be here, we've learned a lot. Especially Pindula was difficult but it's good when you know the roads. Tomorrow I will fight for better result."

Daniel Polášek (CZE, Ford Fiesta Rally4, starting number 52):
„This day was amazing. Now excuse me I need to go to the service park area."

Lukasz Lewandowski (POL, Opel Corsa Rally4, starting number 48):
„I think that this day was both difficult and very long."

Marcel Tuček (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX, starting number 95):
„From the technical side it's really very difficult rally. A lot of accidents so we waited a lot. Some stages were cancelled but it's rally. I would say that it's one of the most difficult rally that I ever drove."

Vladimír Barvík (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX, starting number 96):
„My codriver is on this rally for the first time and for me it's after a long time. Pindula is extreme stage. But I like it and we have great pace. I'm happy. Our target is to finish this rally. This is the fiftieth Barum rally and I'm fifty."

Jakub Čapka (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX, starting number 97):
„We are satisfied with our results but we are very unlucky from the morning so we need to close the gap."