Paint, win and help with Barum Czech Rally Zlín!

22. 3. 2021 -

The close relationship between the Barum rally and the visual arts is nothing new. From the first years until the 1990s, skillfully depicted race cars belonged to typical motives of the particular years - whether they were on posters, program cover pages, stickers or banners in the city streets. In recent years, the organizers have returned to this tradition through the Star Rally Historic, for which the main motive has been several times created by the Hostětín artist Daniel Šenkeřík. For the upcoming 50th anniversary, the organizers of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín have decided to open the creative sphere completely to the public and have prepared an art competition!

In the current epidemic situation, when a lot of people are locked in their homes, it can be an interesting diversification of free time. In addition, the most valuable works will be rewarded with interesting prizes. At the same time, participants will help good things. Entering is simple - create an image whose content will have a clear connection with the Barum rally - it doesn't have to be just the race car itself, but also the crews, the atmosphere during the rally or the legendary places on the route. Fans can work on the paintings until April 26.
The expert jury will be the first to get acquainted with the works and will exclude from the competition paintings which, for various reasons, do not comply with the rules or do not meet the artistic level. All the images advancing further, will be presented on the Barum Czech Rally Zlín internet channels. And now the most important thing: the winners and the final order of the individual paintings in the competition will be decided by a public vote. The first three most successful authors will get an opportunity to enjoy a ride in a race car or a helicopter flight over the special stage as part of the Rally experience program! The ten most successful authors will receive entrance tickets for the upcoming year of the Barum rally.
Under the supervision of an expert jury, the set of received paintings will be used to create an exhibition collection, which will then be made available to the public through several prestigious exhibitions. First in the seat of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic in Prague, later in the shopping and entertainment centre Golden Apple in Zlín and other places. The best paintings or drawings will even be used as one of the motives of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín on T-shirts or posters.
In addition, the entire competition will have a beneficial dimension - in the final, all competing paintings will be included in the auction and the proceeds will be donated to support families whose children struggle with leukaemia. The Barum Czech Rally Zlín will thus continue the tradition of the fight against cancer, which began in 2015 under the Marrow4Tomorrow campaign. Thanks to this, 3,310 potential bone marrow donors from the field of motorsport fans and competitors have already been registered in the Czech National Registry of bone marrow donors.
"Paintings have been part of the Barum rally since the first years and that's why we said to ourselves that this tradition should be revamped during the jubilee year! In addition, we want to help those in need. We believe that in these difficult times, people will want to diversify their time, and whether they are experienced artists or just occasional painters, their works will help good things anyway. We were inspired by the traditional auction of popular clapperboards held at the Zlín Film Festival. I hope that also in the case of paintings with the Barum rally theme this idea will work out. We wish all those who take part on this challenge good luck, a steady hand and a good mood. We are looking forward to your works!" says Miloslav Regner, director of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín, about the new challenge.

Detailed terms and conditions of the painting competition:
1) Anyone over the age of 10 can apply.
2) The motive related to the Barum Czech Rally Zlín must be clear (for example: competition cars, rally atmosphere, drivers and personalities of the Barum Rally, etc.)
3) Only original author's drawings, paintings or graffiti will be accepted for the competition. Digital graphics or photographs will not be accepted as regularly meeting the requirements, as well as mere photographs of the work (or other reproductions of the original).
4) The organizer of the competition accepts any format of the work that meets the condition that the longest side of the painting will not be shorter than 40 cm and not longer than 100 cm.
The aspect ratios can be 1 (width x height) 1:1, 4:3 or 3:2. The background material on which the painting will be created is at the discretion of the author (paper, canvas, opaque PVC, wood, etc.), but the painting must always hold its shape (e.g. if it is made on paper it must be mounted or framed).
5) Each author can send a maximum of 3 paintings to the competition. Originals can be provided with their signature or mark on the visible side, however, it must not affect the central motive of the work. The work is always accompanied by a letter containing the title, a short description of the painting and contact details of the author.
6) The work to be included in the competition must be submitted in two steps:
a) electronically in the form of a photograph to email:, by Monday, (old date April 26, 2021) new date May 3, 2021 (inclusive) at the latest.
b) the work must be physically handed over or sent by courier service or post to the address of the organizer of the competition: Rallye Zlín, spol. s r.o., Hornomlýnská 3715, 760 01, but no later than Friday, (old date April 30, 2021)  new date May 7, 2021 (delivery costs are always paid by the author of the work.)
The works can also be handed over in person at the secretariat of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic, Opletalova 29, Prague 1.
7) All submitted works will be judged by an expert jury, which reserves the right not to include unsatisfactory paintings in the competition collection without giving a reason. All works included in the competition will be professionally photographed and exhibited in an electronic voting. This vote will then result in a final order, awarded with the following prizes:
1st place - ride as a co-driver at the Barum Czech Rally Zlín Experience program in the R5 car,
2nd place - ride as a co-driver at the Barum Czech Rally Zlín Experience program Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX,
3rd place - helicopter flight over the SS at Barum Czech Rally Zlín,
1st - 10th place: entry tickets for the 50th Barum Czech Rally Zlín.
8) From the work that wins the spectators' vote, the selected painting can also be used as one of the official graphic motives of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín for various applications (poster, T-shirt, etc.). In the case of a larger number of paintings, the organizer can also use drawings for the Barum Czech Rally Zlín calendar and on other media. The pictures will also be published in the official rally program. By submitting the work, the author consents to the subsequent use of his work by the organizer of the competition, without any limitations.
9) All submitted works will be exhibited and included in an online auction, while the total proceeds will be donated to support families whose children struggle with leukaemia. If some of the works fail to be auctioned, they will remain exhibited on the premises of the organizer of the competition, in case of interest they will be returned to the author.
10) These detailed rules are in addition to the General Rules, which can be found at
11) If needed, contact the authorized person by email at or by phone at +420 702 175 775.


update  23/04/2021