Flash info after the end of the Barum Rally

18. 8. 2019 - Jan Boček, Roman Ordelt

The 49th Barum Czech Rally Zlín has successfully reached its conclusion. We interviewed the crews before their last stop at the service zone at Continental Barum. After that, the best ones went to Zlín and celebrated with fans on the finishing ramp.

Simon Wagner (AUT, Škoda Fabia R5 Evo, No. 18):
"It's a great feeling to finish our first Barum Rally this way. Racing with Tarabus was amazing, I watched him race when I was 12 years old. Thanks a lot to the team, everything went well. Yesterday was difficult, but we enjoyed it very much today."

Jaromír Tarabus (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5, No. 19):
"We had a nice ride in the finale. We tried, if by any chance Wagner dozed off, that we would capture something more. But in any case, congratulations. For us, this is not an entirely great result. We had done better here, but we're at the finish, and that's the main thing."

Marijan Griebel (DEU, škoda Fabia R5, No. 8):
"Sunday was beautiful. Thanks to many fans for the super atmosphere. For us, it was a trouble-free day. Maybe I was a little slow, but I didn't want to risk anything. I'm happy with the result."

Tomáš Kostka (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5 Evo, No. 17):
"Today was perfect. The car worked like a Swiss watch. Lovely ride. Roman prepared a top car, a joy to drive. The Barum Rally is, of course, tough, but it's our home race, I didn't even scratch the car, so good."

Filip Mareš (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5, No. 5):
"I'm simply not a person that I can say that something will happen now. I just push it there, and somehow it turns out. I'm used to working continuously on my driving. We took risks on places, where on a different circumstance, we wouldn't. And we did it without any mistake."

Chris Ingram (GBR, Škoda Fabia R5, No. 3):
"I feel good. It's a bit of a pity that we lost to Filip. But that's life. Today's stages were amazing. It was probably the best day in the rally for us. I'm really proud of the way we worked during this weekend."

Jan Kopecký (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5 Evo, No. 4):
"The Barum Rally was once again perfectly organized. And the fans along the track created a beautiful atmosphere. I want to thank our team as well, the car worked well, it was perfect. But it's generally better if you race for seconds rather than having such a lead. It's hard for me to fully feel it because my head is already thinking about the next week and the World Championship in Germany."

Alexey Lukyanuk (RUS, Citroën C3 R5, No. 1):
"We enjoyed it very much today. Stages were very fulfilling. We tried some new setup and driving technique. I tried to take more risks. We had some problems, but in the end, we don't care because we didn't care about the overall result."

Martin Březík (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5 Evo, No. 25):
"More or less, everything looked good today. But on the first loop on Kašava, I made a mistake and unfortunately took some rubber off. And that was it for us at the Barum Rally.

Tomáš Pospíšilík (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5, No. 23):
"It was crazy. Very beautiful, but hard. We finished with a puncture because we had no spare wheel and we had to adjust the ride. But we have met our goal, so we are thrilled."

Patrik Rujbr (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5, No. 60):
"Today's stages were as challenging for us as yesterday's. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful. We are truly happy that we made it to the finish. It's an excellent result, so we will enjoy it for a few days."

Mattias Adielsson (SWE, Ford Fiesta R5, No. 11):
"I feel very, very good. This rally was a nightmare for us. The stages were really amazing, but in the end, we tried to get to the finish because of a small accident. We fought for the podium, and we are happy with the result."

Ondřej Bisaha (CZE, Hyundai i20 R5, No. 61):
"It was good today. Fortunately, we were no longer angry with technology. On some stages, there was a mess and holes. So it was hell."

Jan Jelínek (CZE, Škoda Fabia R5, No. 62):
"Yesterday it was kind of without any energy, today it was better, which made me happy. I'm satisfied even with the result after yesterday. We had a nice ride."

Efrén Llarena (ESP, Peugeot 208 R2, No. 36):
"In the end, we are second, but we are happy. Stages were amazing but very tough and jumpy."

Erik Cais (CZE, Ford Fiesta R2T, No. 40):
"I feel sad after today. I tried to make it to the finish at the last stage, but unfortunately, it didn't work out.