Program for spectators from Tuesday to Thursday: Barum Czech Rally Zlín is getting started!

12. 8. 2019 - Jakub Hofbauer

There are four days left to the 49th Barum Czech Rally Zlín. In the meantime, spectators can get up to speed with our entertainment program. And the crews are already on their way to Barum Rally. 

Tuesday is about the administration. At the Rally Secretariat in Zlín, the crews are going to register and pick up an itinerary and other materials and equipment necessary to participate in the rally. At 7 pm in the Golden Apple Shopping Center in Zlín is held the official Autograph Show of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín. Anyone can get an autograph or selfie with over twenty crews. In the Shopping Centre, the ground floor, there is the official Barum Czech Rally Zlín stand where can be purchased tickets, an official program, posters, and more merchandise. Until Sunday, there will also be two racing specials Škoda Fabia R5 and Ford Fabia R5.

On Wednesday, the racing crews will get off depo in the morning and have their first day of reconnaissance. Sunday's special stages are on the schedule first. Moreover, fans will surely be excited about another autograph session at six o'clock in the evening. This time it will take place at the Škoda Plus showroom, which is located in the Samohýl Motor complex in Zlín-Louky. The six leading crews competing in Škoda specials are the center of attention.

On Thursday, the program is going to be even busier. The crews have reconnaissance on Saturday's special stages along with Star Rally Historic participants. Then, the mechanics of each time have their moment to shine and show how well are racing specials prepared. The scheduled scrutineering is in the afternoon in Service area at the Continental Barum. It is open for ticket holders only. And there is more coming up on Thursday evening. At 6 pm in Golden Apple Shopping Centre, there is another Autograph show but this time with crews of Star Rally Historic. After eleven o'clock in the evening, the track of the city circuit in Zlín will be closed for the last reconnaissance of this year's rally.