How to use public transport during Barum Rally

11. 8. 2019 - Roman Ordelt

Barum Czech Rally Zlín is a colossal rally event which also affects local public transport. Gahurova Street will be closed for all traffic during the Super Special Stage on Friday 16th August 2019 from 4 pm to midnight. The closure begins at bus stop U Zámku and goes to the intersection with K Pasekám Street. Motorists and public transport will use the detour route along Tomáš Baťa Street to Prštné, past the Albert hypermarket, along river Dřevnice, along Nábřeží street and to the intersection of Gahurova - K Pasekám. Bus stops U Zámku and Čepkov will not be operated.

Public transport throughout the closure of Gahurova Street:

• Trolleybus line no. 6 will change to line no. 8X at Školní Stop and continue on Dlouhá Street, 2. května Street, past Baťa Hospital, Štefánikova Street to Náměstí Míru Stop. On Náměstí Míru Stop the line no. 8X will change back to line no. 6 and goes to Otrokovice.

• Bus line no. 7X serves as a shuttle between Jižní Svahy - Kocanda Stop - Školní Stop - Náměstí Míru Stop, passing through Prštné.

• Bus line no. 14X serves as a shuttle between Jižní Svahy - Středová Stop - Školní Stop - Náměstí Míru Stop, passing through Prštné.

• Bus line no. 9X (replaces no. 9) follows the line 9 route around the hospital, turns on Antonínova Stop, but does not go to Jižní Svahy.

• Bus lines no. 32X and 33X (replacing no. 32 and 33) take a detour through Prštné.

• Bus line no. 38X (replacing no. 38) goes on an alternative route to Lešetín I Stop - Náměstí Míru Stop - Náměstí Práce Stop - Antonínova Stop - Poliklinika Stop, and then back to its regular route.

Twenty-minute tickets valid for alternative transport
During the closures, the inspectors shall recognize non-transferable tickets for an individual journey and shall take into account an adequate extension of the journey time. Passengers are not damaged therefore and do not have to buy more tickets.

Last connections
Line no. 6 departs from the railway station in Otrokovice at 3:16 pm and follows its regular route to Jižní Svahy. Line no. 6 departs from Kocanda Stop at 3:47 pm and goes to Otrokovice. Line no. 8 departs at 3:49 pm. Line no. 9 departs at 3:40 pm from Středová Stop, line no. 10 at 2:46 pm and line no. 14 at 3:46 pm. Bus line no. 38 leaves Podvesná XVI Stop at 3:46 pm and at the opposite direction at 3:38 pm from J. A. Baťa Stop towards the hospital.

Where to change
When traveling from the Jižní Svahy to Otrokovice, there are various possibilities to change. The first option is to get off bus lines no. 7X and 14X at the Zahradnická stop, go through the underpass to the opposite side of the street and continue to Otrokovice by lines no. 2 and 6. The similar situation is in the opposite direction from Otrokovice to Jižní Svahy.

All alternative routes, including timetables, are available on the website and posted at stops. After the end of the Super Special Stage, the public transport company will increase the capacity of all lines going from Zlín to Otrokovice and Jižní Svahy to the necessary extent. So that all spectators can get to their homes even in the late evening.

Buses will not go to Kudlov Stop and Jaroslavice Stop
On Sunday, 18th August, from 7:15 am to 5:45 pm, the bus stops Jaroslavice-hasičská zbrojnice and Jaroslavice-točna will not be serviced. Bus line no. 31 will only go to Jaroslavice-náves Stop. On the same day, from 5.00 am to 4.45 pm, bus line no. 31 will not operate on Maják-točna, and Ke Křibům stops.
On Sunday, 18th August, from 7:15 am to 5:15 pm, bus line no. 32 will not operate on Kudlov-točna Stop. The last stop will be U Pomníku padlých.

Free shuttle service to U Majáku and Želechovice on Sunday
At the expense of the Barum Rally organizers, the public transport company will provide a shuttle bus service on Sunday, August 18th from Náměstí práce Stop to U Majáku Stop and from Sportovní hala Stop to Želechovice nad Dřevnicí Stop operating on all stops of line no. 12. Visitors will be able to reach the special stages free of charge.

Source: PR of Public transport company Zlín-Otrokovice, s.r.o.