Relationship between Barum Rally and Otrokovice pleases both the general partner and the city

11. 8. 2019 - Petr Komárek

A record three hundred competitors will appear at this year's 49th Barum Czech Rally Zlín, including accompanying events such as the Star Rally Historic, the Ejoin Green Rally, and the Bugatti Grand Prix. However, the legendary rally spectacle is not only related to Zlín, but it is also closely connected with the town of Otrokovice. There is the seat of the general partner - Continental Barum s .r.o., which provides an area for a service zone, which will be visited by many fans of motorsport. Also, the Barum Rally has made a significant impact on Otrokovice's history, which is appreciated by the town's council.

Continental Barum s.r.o is a traditional and established general partner of the Barum Rally. "We are supporting not just this year's 49th edition but most certainly the jubilee 50th edition in 2020. We have been providing facilities for the service zone for many years. I believe it is an attractive position. A complication for this year is the repair of the overpass over the railway track. Which also increases traffic in the vicinity of our factory. We asked our staff to choose different means of transport during the Barum Rally. We'll see. I wish the organizers a successful Barum Rally and the competitors good results," said Ing. Libor Láznička, Managing Director of Continental Barum.

The track of the special stages of Barum Czech Rally Zlín runs not only through Zlín but also through other populated areas. Although the city of Otrokovice is not one of them, because of the service zone, it plays a vital role for crews and fans every year. "The Barum Rally has been a matter of heart since I was a kid. It is one of the most prestigious events in the history of Otrokovice. And its center is here. All teams found their background in the service zone in the heart of Continental Barum. I want to thank Mr. and Mr. Regner very much that Otrokovice can be part of this famous event. I must not forget to thank Mr. Láznička. Without his company, the conditions of the rally would not be at the top level. Continental Barum and the rally are now inseparable. I'm grateful that this relationship has been working for yours and involves the town of Otrokovice," said one of the leading representatives of Otrokovice, Deputy Mayor Ing. Ondřej Wilczynski.