Pharmaceutical company Noventis is a new partner of Barum Rally

11. 8. 2019 - Petr Komárek

The new partner of the 49th Barum Czech Rally Zlín is Noventis, the Zlín-based pharmaceutical company founded in 1991. It focuses mainly on the production of pharmaceuticals and food supplements. Noventis product line includes supplements to boost the immune, nervous, digestive and cardiovascular system, and last but not least beauty and health products.

"This is the first cooperation of Noventis s .r.o. with Barum Czech Rally Zlín. We are happy to be a part of this project. This cooperation is perfect for us. Working with a team of people from Barum Czech Rally Zlín and having the opportunity to participate in this legendary event is a pleasure for us," said Ing. Martina Orságová from Noventis.

Barum Rally and Noventis have in common not just the city of Zlín, but the crews are often athletes of the highest level, and they need to be in shape. The company's product portfolio includes not only pharmaceuticals but also food supplements and cosmetics. The products of this company are on display on a daily bases.

Noventis places high demands on its products. It always uses only high-quality and carefully selected substances. Production and storage need to be checked thoroughly given the legislation. Pharmaceuticals and food supplements are subject to the highest level of laboratory controls. Noventis adheres to the strictest production principles, and therefore, its products reached customers in foreign markets.

"The competitors starting at the Barum Rally will appreciate a wide range of our products. For example, Magnesium B6 + Rhodiola, Ostrovidky (for vision), B-complex FORTE, Coenzyme Q10 60 mg with sesame oil, Omega-3 1000 mg, and certainly Carnitine. Their effect will surely come in handy, given the high-risk conditions they are experiencing," Martina Orságová revealed.

Noventis products are not just pharmaceuticals but they also produce for contractors a broad portfolio of tablets, soft gelatin capsules, and other premium quality products.