Junior`s view after Leg 1

25. 8. 2018 - Evžen Gargulák, Jiří Lečbych, Karolína Lečbychová

We asked the top drivers of ERC3/U27 and the very fast Czech talent Erik Cais about their feelings and thoughts after the very unpredictable and demanding portion of special stages on Saturday. All of them were dealing with slippery roads covered with a lot of mud. The youngest Erik Cais is doing great in his premiere on Barum rally and in the 2WD category he is getting closer to the second place.

Simon Wagner (AUT, Peugeot 208 R2, Start. No. 42):
"Even though the roads were drier in the afternoon, it wasn't any easier for us because we had a puncture. We run out of soft tyres so we had to use harder ones and that made everything all the more difficult. Tomorrow we intend to fight and to close the gap."

Martiņš Sesks (LVA, Opel Adam R2, Start. No. 39):
"Everything was wet in the morning. Before this rally, I have never raced in these conditions and on a wet tarmac, so I took it easy, just to be sure. Then the roads got a bit drier and we managed to speed up and keep the pace. I'm satisfied."

Kristóf Klausz (HUN, Peugeot 208 R2, Start. No. 48):
"Despite the tough conditions, we had a good day and I'm happy. I'm satisfied with our time."

Mattia Vita (ITA, Peugeot 208 R2, Start. No. 45):
"It was extremely difficult today. I'm glad we made it until the end. I hope that tomorrow we'll have a fine day but the weather is unpredictable."

Tom Kristensson (SWE, Opel Adam R2, Start. No. 51):
"We've got to be smart in these conditions, not to push too hard, any small mistake can be fatal. Also, sometimes it rains, sometimes it's sunny but still to roads are covered in mud. Tomorrow it should rain all day and that won't be easy."

Roland Stengg (AUT, Opel Adam R2, Start. No. 46):
"I wasn't doing very well today. I'm way to careful and losing precious seconds. It's a very demanding rally and tomorrow will show us just how much."

Catie Munnings (GBR, Peugeot 208 R2, Start. No. 54):
"It was very hard. We want to change the setup for Sunday. I think that if we do that, it should have better grip. Still, we lost a lot of time. We'll see what rain does to it.

Erik Cais (CZE, Peugeot 208 R2, Start. No. 67):
"Slippery, slippery and slippery. It was crazy. It's my first time on wet surface so I was mostly analysing what this does to the car. Sometimes we were wider; it's like being on en ice in the winter. But you have fun and you smile until something unwanted happens, of course. I'm using the setup my team gave me because I can't do it yet we want to enjoy the rest of the rally and we don't want to take unnecessary risks.