Not even rain could stop Zlín Bikes

6. 9. 2018 - Jakub Hofbauer

Hardly anybody wished for rain for the last holiday weekend especially not the participants and organisers of Zlín Bikes. While rain dramatically changed conditions for this year's Barum Czech Rally Zlín and spiced it up, the cyclists were all the less happy about it. Luckily, around three hundred brave cyclists got their bikes and tasked on their own the city circuit.

Zlín Bikes was opening the packed programmed in the centre of Zlín. However, two hours before the event, there was a heavy rain and no one knew how many cyclists would appear since hundreds signed up for it. Zlín Bikes is only about enthusiastic people who decided not to forfeit and one by one were coming to pick their starting number. In the end, no one could guess what drama preceded it and the energy engulfed everyone.

Many cheers and smiles caused rally historic drivers like Tomáš Enge, Stanislav Budil, Martin Černý and Petr Krajča who brought along their racings specials and gave interviews and autographs. Children and adults alike enjoyed jumping around on inflatables provided by Agency Devět měsíců (Nine months). Moreover, there were stances KCK and Horsá where anyone could try the newest bikes modes and also Azub Bike presented their recumbent bicycles. And the smallest children learned about the rules on the road on a traffic simulator BESIP.

And what about the ride itself? "Considering the weather, the event went very well," said Silvie Hlavičková, director of Zlín Bikes. "The roads dried out eventually and based on cyclists comments they enjoyed it. In the end there were 271 cyclists, which is less than the number of registered ones. About couple of dozens didn't arrive, on the other hand, some saw the opportunity to try it once the roads were no longer wet."

There were three announced categories for Zlín Bikes. The one for the team with most cyclists won again team Continental Barum, which had almost thirty members and one of them, Lukáš Graubner, even won a category for the most original bike. He rode a historical bicycle. The last prize for the most original dress at the occasion of 100 years of Czechoslovakia won Tereza Svačinová and on top of that she was awarded Miss Congeniality.

"We would like to thank all the participants, all the people who helped us and supported us also financially. These are Agency Devět měsíců, Azub Bike, KCK, Horsá, editors of Rally magazine, company Gemini, Slevíci and Vitar and many guests from the rally sport," said Silvie Hlavičková.