Zlín bikes on city circuit

7. 7. 2017 - Roman Ordelt

This year's Barum Czech Rally Zlín will not only see historic and shiny Bugatti cars and other historic cars and hear roaring engines of racing cars on the city circuit in the middle of Zlín. On Friday 25th August 2017 it will be held the first year of an event called Zlín bikes. It is a public cycling ride which follows the same route as the widely popular Spectator's Super Special Stage before its start. The event is organised by the statutory city of Zlín and it is managed by Barum Czech Rally Zlín. Over five hundred bicycles are expected to appear.

'The idea of some sort of a cycling event was growing in our heads for years. As part of our Map of experiences, last year we were inviting people to visit east Moravia and explore the most memorable parts of Barum rally on their bicycles. The idea for Zlín bikes was born inside Josef Novák's head, who is very fond of cycling and also a member of Zlín council,' said Ing. Jan Regner, deputy of Clerk of Barum Czech Rally Zlín.

The city of Zlín and the general sponsor of Barum rally company Continental Barum have both joined the countrywide project called Bike to Work. Registration for participants (12 years and older) is free and the base will be in the park surrounding the Zlín castle, same place where was held an exhibition Czech Drive at the end of April. The start and finish line is in Bartošova Street and the cyclists can look forward to three runs on the closed city circuit which will include also all chicanes like in the rally. 'The start is scheduled at 4.30 pm. Aside from general public we also expect some important companies, personalities and athletes to participate. Hopefully, the professional athletes like hockey and football players will show their skills. Participants can pick the bicycle of their choice including historic pieces with period clothes. The programme begins at 12 pm and is expected to finish at 5.30 pm,' said Jan Regner.

The organisers are attempting to lure the Barum rally crews. They are asking the International Automobile Federation FIA for exception so as it is not considered as unauthorized stage practise. All participants will receive some small prizes in the finish and refreshments. Time will not be measured but things like clothes, age, number of team members, oldest bicycle and so on will be considered. 'Zlín bikes is another project which will hopefully attract even more people from around the country to Zlín. I'm confident, that a new tradition will arise from this event which will in the following years be undeniably associated with Zlín and Barum rally,' said Josef Novák. More information can be found on web page, where you can sign for an enjoyable afternoon before the big rally race.